In practice the energy content in the block briquette is twice as compared to a piece of wood of the same volume (confirmed test) ash content 0.58%, in practice, the amount of ash is barely perceptible. It leaves no pollution and is a clean alternative to carbonates briquette quality parameters are confirmed by the study and a document issued by the Institute of Wood Technology in Poznan. Cubes RUF Dimensions 150 x 60 x 90 mm very small size, convenient to use.

Briquettes are packed 10 pcs. In a multi-pack, pack weight 8.3 8.5 kg. 1 ton of briquettes replaces 4 to 5mp dry wood-moisture 6-8%, very easy to rozpala- heat of combustion of 19.67 MJ / kg, very high opałowość ie. The energy content of the volume.